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Microsoft Word I (MOFF6655)

Course Description

This class introduces basic features of word processing software. Topics include creating, editing, and printing documents; formatting and enhancing text; creating and formatting tables.
Course Syllabi

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Define a word processing system
Create basic and complex business documents
Perform basic and advanced formatting
Complete merges
Create tables and template

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Upcoming sections

Microsoft Word I2024717141909/05/23 - 09/21/23
LSLive Streaming - online
06:30p - 09:30p
10Carolyn SullivanTextbook$12918POFI1024
Microsoft Word I2024717150411/06/23 - 11/27/23
LSLive Streaming - online
01:00p - 04:00p
11Michael OskierkoTextbook$12918POFI1024

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