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Advanced JavaScript using jQuery (WEBT7075)

Course Description

Learn how to develop and use custom objects, and develop complex client side applications. The course will also cover Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and their use in conjunction with JavaScript and HTML to produce dynamic capabilities using client-side programming. Topics to be covered include: the extensive use of cross-browser compatible layers, dynamic menus, and animation. The techniques learned in this course will allow you to write client-side code that is compatible with both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers (Version 4 and above).

Prerequisite: HTML, CSS, and Intro to Javascript

Required Materials: Text

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Advanced JavaScript using jQuery2022717163710/11/21 - 10/27/21
LSLive Streaming - online
06:00p - 10:00p
12James CanavanTextbook$26924ITSE1091

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