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Advanced Medical Coding (HITT2046)

Course Description

Advanced concepts of ICD and CPT coding rules, conventions, and guidelines in complex case studies. Investigation of government regulations and changes in health care reporting.

Upcoming sections

Procedure Coding2024717113608/28/23 - 10/21/23WEB19Monet SchulerTextbook$44948HITT2046
Advanced Medical Coding2024717159909/11/23 - 12/08/23WEB18Kimberly BeesleyTextbook$44948HITT2046
Procedure Coding2024727340901/16/24 - 03/10/24WEB24 Textbook$44948HITT2046
Advanced Medical Coding2024727341501/29/24 - 04/28/24WEB24 Textbook$44948HITT2046
Procedure Coding2024727342003/18/24 - 05/12/24WEB24 Textbook$44948HITT2046

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