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A&P Readiness (HLTH1091)

Course Description

This self-paced course is designed to refresh students? knowledge of high school biology and chemistry and help students prepare for the A&P Course Readiness Assessment. Students will learn
? the metric system of measurement
? basic chemistry of elements and the structure, function and properties of different types of biomolecules
? levels of organization in multicellular organisms and the structure and function of eukaryotic cells.
? the role of ATP and the chemical reactions involved in its synthesis
? the process of cell division and protein synthesis
? the overall functions of the major body systems in humans

Upcoming sections

A&P Readiness2022717127809/07/21 - 10/08/21WEB10Sukanya SubramanianTextbook$99.5216SCIT1091
A&P Readiness2022717127910/04/21 - 11/05/21WEB18Sukanya SubramanianTextbook$99.5216SCIT1091
A&P Readiness2022717128011/01/21 - 12/03/21WEB18Sukanya SubramanianTextbook$99.5216SCIT1091
A&P Readiness2022717128111/29/21 - 01/07/22WEB18Sukanya SubramanianTextbook$99.5216SCIT1091
A&P Readiness2022727301401/10/22 - 02/11/22WEB20Sukanya SubramanianTextbook$99.5216SCIT1091
A&P Readiness2022727301502/07/22 - 03/11/22WEB20Sukanya SubramanianTextbook$99.5216SCIT1091
A&P Readiness2022727301603/07/22 - 04/08/22WEB20Sukanya SubramanianTextbook$99.5216SCIT1091
A&P Readiness2022727301704/04/22 - 05/06/22WEB20Sukanya SubramanianTextbook$99.5216SCIT1091
A&P Readiness2022727301805/02/22 - 06/03/22WEB20Sukanya SubramanianTextbook$99.5216SCIT1091

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